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Equipment and Safety

Helmet Policy


All skaters MUST wear a CSA approved hockey helmet until they have passed Stage 5 of the Canskate program.  Look for the CSA logo similar to what is shown on the right to ensure that your helmet will provide an adequate level of protection.  THIS IS A MANDATORY SKATE CANADA REQUIREMENT.  For more information, please refer to the:




Many stores sell skating equipment in a variety of price and quality ranges.  Before buying a pair of skates, please check carefully for the following:

*  Proper fit

*  Firm ankle suport

*  Good quality leather

*  Correct blade placement

Avoid buying larger skates for your child to grow into.  This causes discomfort and will hinder yor child's progress.  Moulded plastic skates are not recommended, especially as your child grows.  Make sure that the boot has no wrinkles--this means that they are poor quality. 

Sharpen skates at a good skate sharpening place as soon as they are purchased.  Resharpen them every 20 skates, depending on usage and care.  Most importantly DO NOT remove the bottom picks on figure skates as they are designed for balance.  Always wear protective skate guards while walking on cement.

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