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CANSKATE - A (PreCanskate & Levels 1 & 2)

Simcoe Rec Centre - Mondays 5:00-5:40pm

Waterford Arena - Thursdays 5:30-6:10pm


CANSKATE - B (Levels 3-6)

Simcoe Rec Centre - Mondays 5:40-6:20pm

Waterford Arena - Thursdays 6:10-6:50pm



Fall-Winter 2017/2018

Fall/Winter 2018/2019

Programs run for approximately 28 - 29 weeks starting the 2nd or 3rd week of September (11th - 21st).  Due to holidays and ice availability, some sessions have fewer dates scheduled.  You can make up for these shorter sessions on alternate days as below.  For full pricing details, refer to the forms on the registration page.  Finalized dates/times are subject to approval by Norfolk county.  Ice times are dependent on registration and subject to approval by the WTSC board.  The calendar at the bottom of the page will soon be updated with changes due to Holidays, Norfolk County Fair, etc. We reserve the right to change the schedule in future due to problems with arenas, registration numbers, etc.


Canskate (Learn to skate)

Canskate A/B (PreCanskate & Levels 1-6)

Mondays      5:30-6:20pm at Simcoe Recreation Center

                      Sept 18 - April 2

                      $360 for approximately 26 weeks (make up 3 weeks on a Thursday)


Thursdays    6-6:50pm at Waterford Tricenturena 

                       $360 for approximately 26 weeks

STARskate (Private Lessons)

Combined STARSkate                         Mondays from 4:00-5:20pm at  Simcoe Recreation Center 

(1.5hrs - All levels)                                $475 for 28 weeks (make up 3 weeks on Wed or Thur)

Combined STARskate                         Wednesdays from 6 - 7:50pm at Waterford Tricenturena

(2hrs - All Levels)                                 $550 for 29 weeks (includes 2 weeks over Christmas break)

Combined STARSkate                         Thursdays from 5:00-5:50pm at Waterford Tricenturena 

(1hr - All levels)                                    $425 for 29 weeks (includes 2 weeks over Christmas break)

Combined STARSkate                         1 hour on Monday, Wednesday or Thursday

(1 hour)                                                  $425 for 29 weeks 

Combined STARSkate                         2 days on Wed and Thurs for 3 hours

(3 hours)                                                $790 for approximately 29 weeks

Combined STARSkate                         2 days on Mon and Wed for 3.5 hours

(3.5 hours)                                             $790 for approximately 29 weeks

Combined STARSkate                         3 days Mon, Wed and Fri for 4.5 hours

(4.5 hours)                                             $850 for approximately 29 weeks

****There is a MANDATORY $36 Skate Canada fee that must be added to all prices.  This only payable once per year per SKATER. 

****There is a MANDATORY $50 fundraising fee that must be added to all prices.  It is only payable once per year per FAMILY.  

There is an early registration discount of $50 for payment received by July 31, 2017

Weather/Schedule Changes


Check for a banner at the top of the page when there is information about inclement weather or changes to the skating schedule.  We will try to send out emails and facebook updates for any changes on short notice.  If no changes are noted, you can assume that programs will proceed as scheduled.

Use the controls below to adjust the calendar.  Subscribe to our google calendar on your desktop or mobile device using the address

Schedule Calendar
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