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Program Registration

Fall/Winter 2018/19

You now have a number of options to register online:

1.  Print out and fill in the registration forms by clicking on the buttons below.  Mail in the form and send a cheque or e-Transfer to Brenda Johnson.

Physical fitness is key to the proper development of all children.  The Canadian Tire Jumpstart program provides financial assistance so that all children have the opportunity to participate. Click on the logo or speak to a board member for more information.

2.  Fill in the online registration form and send your cheque or e-Transfer to Brenda Johnson .  

3.  Payment must be received BEFORE the session so that we can register your child with Skate Canada.  If it is postmarked before July 31, you will receive a $50 discount per skater.  To get the discount, postmark your cheque by July 31.  Cheques should be made out to "Waterford Tricenturena Skating Club" (the bank will not accept WTSC).  Forms and payment can be sent to:

Membership Chair Brenda Johnson

2003 Hill St., 

PO Box 690

Waterford, ON



eTransfers can be sent to:

If you have any concerns about getting the payment in on time, please contact Brenda Johnson at:

(226) 931-2570

Please Note:

Funding through Canadian Tire's Jumpstart program and Bursaries from Skate Canada are available to assist skaters and families in need.  We do our best to ensure that financial issues are not a major barrier to skaters. For more information on this or other registration issues please contact our Membership Chair Brenda Johnson.

Parents are expected to abide by the parental code of conduct which can be found below.  The parent handbook provides extensive information about Skate Canada and our club.  It is a valuable resource for all parents.

Summer 2016
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